W3E recycling, logistics and Dect refurbishment: 3 cases which illustrate our know-how

1- Recycling and destruction of electronic products:

Context and offer proposed by ADLC: one of our customers counting 2200 branches in France wanted to implement a new telecommunication system. Before that, it had to retrieve 2,200 PBX and around 50,000 fixed terminals. ADLC was the pilot of this operation including the transport to our premises, the serial number registration of all products, their sorting out depending on the fact they were marketable or not, their sales or their destruction with a complete list of products provided to our customer.

The main benefits for our customer:
– A single interface for all steps of the whole process: retrieving, sorting out, sales or destruction
– A perfect knowledge of the products sold or destroyed
– Controlled costs
– Compliance with commited leadtimes
– Environmental respect

2- After-sales logistics:

Context and offer proposed by ADLC: a french Value Added Reseller wanted to centralize and outsource the management of its multi-locations stock. After an inventory of all the products, ADLC has routed the needed products to its main site, has tested them and now, manages the demand of all its customer branches with advanced swap service. ADLC is also handling the reminders for retrieving the defect products to be repaired. Invoicing is made on a monthly basis depending on the products shipped to the branches.

Main benefits for our customer:
– A controlled cost
– Savings in the administrative process
– An optimized storage area
– A better answer to the branches needs with the help of a shared stock.

3- DECT phones refurbishment:

Context and offer proposed by ADLC : an end-user did not want to systematically replace its faulty Dect phones by new ones. As those products were not covered by its service contract signed with its value-added reseller, it asked ADLC to find a reliable solution for their handling.

It also wanted to be fully compliant with ecologic rules. In those conditions, ADLC proposed to systematically refurbish “as new” its Dect phones at each repair service.

 The main benefits for our customer:
– A cost savings compared to new product purchasing, with a total satisfaction of the users
– A better knowledge of the service thanks to a direct relationship with an After-Sales professional
– A better response to ecologic stake