Customers cases

1 – Customer support including hotline and repairs for a vendor in 3 different countries:
Context and offer proposed by ADLC: a US-based manufacturer of professional printers wanted one partner able to cover all repairs and level 1 technical support for 3 different European countries (and 3 different languages). Based on its know-how in after-sales logistics and repairs, on its scalable ERP and on its CRM tool, ADLC positively responded to this need with a ramp-up enabling to fully cover those 3 countries, 2 years after this partnership was initiated.

The main benefits for our customer:
– One single after-sales interface for 3 countries
– One player who perfectly masters the languages of the 3 countries
– Tangible cost savings
– A good level of service, similar in the 3 countries

2 – Maintenance contract for a huge volume of barcode terminals in France:
Context and offer proposed by ADLC: one major European manufacturer of barcode terminals wanted to identify, for one of its major customers, a repair center able to propose a maintenance offer covering 13,000 terminals spread over several sites in France. This contract had to be based on a yearly unit price per terminal and on 3 days TAT. Based on its technical know-how of such products, ADLC designed a suitable solutions and has been operating it over the last 4 years.

The main benefits for our customer:
– A yearly net margin perfectly monitored
– A cancellation of the administrative tasks
– A high level of services provided to its own customer
– A monthly reporting including all data related to the reliability of its products.