Elevators Repair: our offers dedicated to elevators companies

ADLC proposes different services:

– The advanced swap, depending on availabilities: for managing our customers urgencies. One order done on a D-day before 3.00 pm, allows our customers to receive a product on D+1 before 1.00 pm everywhere in France and on D+1/D+2 everywhere in Europe.

– The “Express”repairs in 2 working days: in case of faulty elevator, ADLC repairs the product in a maximum of 2 working days.

– The “Stock” repairs in 10 working days: if no urgency, ADLC repairs the product in 10 working days and the customer saves money compared to the Express repairs price.

– In Paris, an office swap service.

All these offers are proposed with top service level (more than 95% of the products are shipped according to due lead-time, repairs are 12 months warranty, repeat return rate is less than 1,5%). As of today, ADLC proposes a price list including more than 200 different references of boards and drives with fixed prices. All those products are full tested on dedicated benches. The « out of price list » products are quoted within 48 hours.

In its headquarter and Paris Office, ADLC repairs a wide range of boards and drives under many main brands available on the market:

Traction boards: Autinor, Kone, MEA, Orona, Otis, Schindler, Sick, Sprinte, Thyssen,…
Car door operators: Fermator, Kone, Orona, Otis, Schindler, Slycma, Thyssen, Wittur,,…
Drives: KEB, Kone, Otis, Schindler, Vacon, Leroy Somer, Mac Puarsa, Omron, Yaskawa, Télémécanique,…
Emergency call systems: Amphitech, Micome,…

Further to their reception by ADLC, all the products are tracked with their serial numbers. Then, they are tested on test benches which simulate all the functions, repaired, tested again, and individually packed. Each packing is identified with a label mentioning all the information related to the product and the order.

A warranty label stuck on the product mentions the end of warranty (week and year).

See the warranty label

Our partners for repairs/swap services of boards and drives:

  • Kone France since 2009 and Kone Europe since 2013
  • Otis France since 2014
  • Schindler France since 2016 and Schindler Europe since 2017


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