ADLC repairs in 8 working days for a fixed price a wide range of equipment (boards, subsets) dedicated to the management of road and highway traffic:

– Emergency call boxes (all types)
– Variable Message Signs (VMS)
– Cameras and recorders for road survey
– Automatic License Plate readers (ALPR)
– Tolling solutions (automatic payment machines)
– Free flow system
– …

…by covering the main brands of the French market: Emovis, Saintronic, Mavix, SES, Lacroix, GEA, Elsag, Survision, Vicon, Siat, EL-SI…

If you want to know more about our offer and our prices, please contact our sales team by email at or by phone at +33 4 72 52 42 42.

Additionally, since 2012, ADLC has been certified repair center for Emovis products (emergency call boxes: CASO, Arsec 20, Ciou 1, Ciou 2, Casig, Moai, Hypert, APL,…).